I will give you a product idea to private label on Amazon

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give you a product idea to private label on Amazon

About This Gig

Are you struggling to find a profitable product?

I have been there and done that. It makes you wanna kill yourself and quit the idea altogether.
Product research is simply painful. Yet, it's the most important step in the whole Amazon Private Label FBA business. 

I will make this very step supremely easy for you.

After months of my research on Amazon best seller's pages, I can now confidently suggest products which are definitely worth pursuing for a private labeller.

I will suggest you an amazing product which you can private label and sell profitably on Amazon.

How will the process work? What if I tell you a product that you already know about?

So this is how it'll go:
1.You order the gig.
2.I'll tell you the winning attributes and characteristics of that product without revealing the product itself. For example, its dimensions , average no of reviews ,ratings, no. of units sold,etc..
3.Only if you like the attributes, will I reveal the product. If not, money will be refunded.

P.S. I will hence suggest a different product to every buyer of this gig.

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3 days delivery

Product Idea

Product idea with high demand and low competition

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't like the characteristics of the product?
    I'll tell you another product idea, and then another and another, until you like a product. Once you're satisfied with a product features and attributes, I'll reveal the product. In the rare case of you not liking product, I'll refund the money fair and square, without any questions.