I will produce a professional video for real estate agents

it is really very super fast. Very Great. Perfect and very professional in my field. Thank you.
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produce a professional video for real estate agents
produce a professional video for real estate agents
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About This Gig

Real Estate Agents can now get a 720p HD Quality (1280 x 720px) MP4 video commercial, customized with your business info (Name, Address, Phone, and URL) via a "Lower Third" overlay like in the examples. 

You can choose from Professional Spokespersons, Whiteboard, Explainer and Animated Real Estate Videos that you can view on our playlist here:

This professional quality commercial can be posted to your Website, Youtube, Facebook, Google +, Event Promotions, Even late-night TV...anywhere you need a short, eye-catching HQ quality commercial.  

Just pick the video # you want from the playlist, send me with your business information, and I'll promptly create the video, usually within a few hours.

With over 140 5 star reviews, and my only other reviews being a handful of cancelled orders while I was hospitalized, I pride myself on excellent communications, outstanding support and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

I have videos for dozens of local business categories, If you don't see it - just ask!

Sorry, videos are not available without the custom overlay.

Questions? Read the FAQ below.

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Value Pack

Produce a 720p HD Real Estate Video Commercial with Your Business Name, Address, Phone # and URL

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I get any overlay I want on any of the videos?
    A: Yes, any of the overlays are available on any of the videos. Some colors may not look very good on some of the videos so keep that in mind.
  • Q: Can I get a different background or different audio for the video I order?
    A: I can't easily change the audio, but I CAN substitute different images or short video clips for those in the videos. Please message me and inquire. This WILL incur significant additional charges.
  • Q: Do you have videos for other businesses in addition to the ones you have gigs for?
    A: Yes, I have videos for almost 100 different businesses. I'm working on a pdf to post here, but for now, just message me and ask if I have what you need.
  • Q: Do you have UK English versions of the videos?
    A: Yes, I have UK versions of many of the videos but not all. Again, the best way to find out is to message me.
  • Q: Can I get the video without the overlay and the business info on it?
    A: NO! If I sell you the "master" video without the overlays, then you could resell the videos yourself and how would I be able to feed my kittens?
  • Q: Do you have any example videos you've done for others that I could see before I buy?
    A: I have a gallery of some of my work here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL78FgLsfGjNtxKOiGC9Z-iz9w2loBXuYH
  • Q: Do you have additional videos available for me to chose from or just the one in your gig description?
    A: Yes, all my gigs have a selection of videos to choose from. Just check the playlist I include with every gig.
  • Q: Can you make small changes in the audio or video to better suit my business?
    A: Not easily. A few words here or a different image there requires re-doing the entire video.