I will write a compelling mails for your email marketing campaign

write a compelling mails for your email marketing campaign

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Warmest regards for checking on my Gig. You will agree with me that lack of patronage is as a result of poor content, sloppy marketing brand and sales style. Since no business can survive without sales, getting people to patronize you do no just happen, you will have to give them a reason to do so.


You must consistently sell your products by dishing out branded emails that would arrest their mind and leave them with no option but to be glued to you.


As a professional content writer with over 6 years of experience, I have come to realized that there are more of exaggerated copywriter than organic once. To break this norm of untidiness in copy writing which has had a negative impact on products and sales, A marketing mail of 250-300 words should be what you need to make a potential buyer click the "ORDER NOW" button.



I will exclusively employ my multi-skilled years of experience in copyrighting and digital marketing to ensure you get that one perfect mail that will turn your products and services into a MAGNET.


PLEASE NOTE: $5 covers for 300 words and I prefer you to contact me before placing an order. Endeavor to also check out my gig extras.

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I write an effective e-mail of 300 words

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