I will help you with Korean in detail for 30 days

help you with Korean in detail for 30 days

About This Gig

Hello, fellow Korean learners. 

If you are learning Korean, and have questions involving the subtleties of the langauge only the natives can intuit.

You want your questions answered quickly, clearly, and brilliantly with no drudgery of unconsciously structured, slow, myopic language classes.

You are very sharp with languages and want equally sharp and fast person to help you with your curiosities. 

I will answer your questions for 7 days - through fiverr messanger or Skype txt or others. Anytime, anyday, any questions during those 7 days.

Anyting regarding linguistic perception, Whorf hypothesis, sentence structures, all welcome as well.

Thank you.  


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Answer Korean language questions

I will answer any of your Korean related questions - language, lifestyle, culture, price, etc.

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions