I will make fun of your enemies for you

make fun of your enemies for you
make fun of your enemies for you

About This Gig

Tell me your enemy's name and your story and I will make fun of them for you in the form of a photoshopped picture with a caption. It can be office-safe or obscene/pornographic.

I am professional bully-fighter. Two years ago, I was being bullied by a disgusting fat pig who lived next to me. I caught her spying on me with audio surveillance equipment so I moved out. So infatuated was she with me, that she sent her adult son and his buddies to stalk me for about a year and a half. I got fed up and turned the tables on her and I told the fat pig's adult daughter that she looked like a cockroach so I was arrested and did time.  She was crying and stuff during her court testimony. The whole time I was in prison, I was laughing.  But she does resemble a cockroach. And her mother lost a bunch of weight and uploaded her photos on her facebook page a few months ago. Now she looks lyke an anorexic hog. She looks as if she has cancer. Her face is huge but her neck is a number 2 pencil. HA HA - F U, Karen!

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