I will be your Facebook friend or girlfriend

be your Facebook friend or girlfriend

About This Gig

For five bucks, I'll be your real friend on Facebook forever!

I will comment on your posts and photos, send you a birthday message if it's your big day, chat with you through messenger, and more!

If you have any special requests, please send me a message and lets work something out. :)

I'm a fun, laid back girl. If you're looking for more activity on your profile, I would love to help you out!

Need a Facebook girlfriend? Looking to make someone jealous or envious? We can do that, too!

If this is what you require, I will be your online woman for an entire week. I'll post flirty comments all over your account.

If you need a Facebook girlfriend, please send me a message before ordering this if you seen any open orders in my queue. One Facebook lover at a time, please! ;)