I will effectively comment, like, subscribe, etc 20 times

effectively comment, like, subscribe, etc 20 times

About This Gig

Are you looking for some activity on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and/or your other social media sites? What about your blog/website?

Did you know if someone likes, shares, or comments on something on your social media, it shows up to their network, generating more potential traffic to you?

Do you want more activity on your blog/website?

With this gig, I will do twenty things on your social media, blog, website, etc - all of your choice! I'll even watch your video 20 times if that's all you're looking for.

Don't have a preference? You can trust me to give you quality social media and website activity as I browse your profiles!

I have an account to all of these and more.

Want more than twenty things done? No problem! Check out the gig extras.

Need something additional that I haven't offered? Send me a message and lets work something out!