I will effectively evaluate your website or blog

effectively evaluate your website or blog

About This Gig

Do you have a new website or blog that you need someone to critique? Maybe you've been up and running for some time, but need an honest review of your site, blog, eBay store, whatever!

I will help you generate a better site for increased sales and/or traffic with my long-term experience.

I will give you 100% honest feedback on my first impressions on your site. You will receive my thoughts as a first time visitor. I will:

- Describe how I felt about the look/layout of your site.
- Describe if I was able to understand what your site was about upon entry. The first few seconds of someone browsing your site are the most important!
- Describe the amount of trust I gained in your site. This is exceptionally important if you're trying to sell something. 
- Describe how it looks on my mobile devices ie; Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android.
- Describe if I would consider visiting your site in the future.

Check out my gig extras for the following:
- Suggestions for improvement to include: the layout/look, content, etc.
- A question and answer period for you to pick my brain on anything you're curious about.
- A SWOT analysis in detail.

Need more? Message me, and lets chat to ensure I meet all of your needs!