I will professionally proofread up to 3000 words

professionally proofread up to 3000 words

About This Gig

I will deliver the best proofreading services your five dollar bill can buy and then some!

I have been professionally writing, proofreading, and editing for over eleven years now. From newspaper articles to academic papers, I can guarantee the fastest, yet most quality proofreading experience you've ever had!

I have a passion for writing, and helping other creative minds is something I've done in the field for over a decade, and I'm offering that same assistance here at Fiverr!

Send me your blog, website, college essay, brochures, eBook, or anything else, and together we will ensure that your work is nothing less than fantastic.

As I proofread your work, I will be checking your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and I will also give you feedback as to what I think you can do to enhance the quality of your work. 

This gig is for a document up to 3,000 words. Need more? No problem! Purchase a gig extra that fits your needs.

If you would like to discuss the terms, or would like more than what extras I offer, send me a message and we'll work something out. I'm a very flexible gal and thrive to make others happy.