I will invite my 4,900 Facebook friends to like your page

Great Results and Great Person to Work with :-)
Reviewed by tinaflet 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by scoremycredit almost 2 years ago
Awesome service. She was really helped get more liked and provided a couple of other social marketing tips!!! Highly recommend!!
Reviewed by ekhan1984 almost 2 years ago
Gina is the only marketer I've found so far, who really delivered tangible results. Very honest and hard working. Really liked working with her.
Reviewed by danaaaronmather almost 2 years ago
Awesome seller. Keep me coming back for more lol
Reviewed by vblockdutch almost 2 years ago
invite my 4,900 Facebook friends to like your page

About This Gig

I currently have just over 4,900 real friends on Facebook. None of these friends are businesses, fake, foreign, etc. They're real people who have real hobbies and interests, and they're all based in the United States!

Other gigs may advertise more than this, but I can prove that my friends are real. Just send me a message for more info!

For $5.00, I will invite them all to like your Facebook page.

I can't, unfortunately, guarantee that they will all like your page, but I have had success with doing this for others!

Check out my gig extras for some added goodness! 

Send me a message with any questions! I'm here to serve you.
**PLEASE NOTE: Facebook has implemented restrictions that will not allow me to invite all 4,900 friends in just one day. Be patient, they will all get invited, and we'll work on getting you some fresh, new traffic to your page! Because of this, not all orders will be finished on time. But I am here to serve you!