I will record electric piano for your song

record electric piano for your song
record electric piano for your song

About This Gig


By default, the recordings will be delivered in MP3 format.
Other file types may be delivered on request.

Check out my extras for:
- songs that exceed 3 minutes (USD $20 for each extra minute)
- delivery in WAVE file (USD $30 for each wave track)
- additional instrument track (USD $50 for each additional instrument track)

- Additional Revision (USD $40 for each additional revision)
- Extra fast delivery (USD $200 for delivery in one day)

I have a lot of experience recording in music studios and, also, a strong musical training in various styles playing electric piano.
For many years, I played with singers and big bands. They influenced me and made me very comfortable with this musical expression.

If you need any clarification, please send me a message.
For any further information check my official website: www.giovanigoulart.com

Order Details

3 days delivery

Eletric Piano

I will record eletric piano for your song

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many minutes have your gig?
    All my "gigas" has a base duration of 3 minutes but you can buy extra minutes
  • The percussions and drums come in separate tracks?
    No, separate tracks is an option that the customer can get by adding this request to your purchase
  • In which audio format the gigs are delivered?
    Basically the gigs are delivered in MP3 format but the client can request your delivery in waveform. Please read the specifications of each gig before buying it.
  • Why I recommend talking to me before you buy my gig?
    I always want to do a professional job, therefore, I want to clearly understand what the expectation of each particular The result of the work is much better when the communication between the parties is clear.