I will make a printable music box strip of any song

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make a printable music box strip of any song
make a printable music box strip of any song

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Description Main Melody Melody + Harmony Transcribe from Audio Recording
  Get your custom music box strip of any song which includes the melody (up to 16 bars). This package includes a custom strip that also has harmony playing under the melody (up to 16 bars). Don't have the score or MIDI file? I can write up to 16 bars by ear as long as it's not too complex.
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About This Gig

I can make a custom printable music box strip of any song!

All I need is an audio file, YouTube linkmidi file, or score.
After you get your strip, all you need to do is PRINT and PUNCH it out.

Any questions: contact me! I'd love to help!

Each order includes up to 16 bars (or measures) which is usually the perfect length to include the full verse or chorus of a song. Check out my gig extras to add additional length to your custom music box strip.

Sometimes, I can reduce the price if you include MIDI files or score!


  • Works with 15, 20, 30 or 33 note music boxesIf you're unsure which music box you have, contact me! I'd be glad to help!
  • Most of the music boxes can only play in C major or A minorThis means if the song has any modulations or unique chords, it might sound a little different than the original. If the song is written in a different key, I'll transpose it to C major or A minor so it will work.
  • If the song is unusually complex, I might need to charge more than the standard rates, but this is rare.
  • Once you have your strips, it's recommended to print on thick paper

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in each delivery?
    In each order, I deliver a PDF (sometimes multiple pages) which you can print out. All you need to do is punch out the holes before feeding it into your music box.
  • Do I need to print them on special paper?
    I recommend getting thick paper to print the strips to increase durability, but normal printer paper works too.