I will record a character voice or accent TODAY

Overall a great experience. Was able to assist in making my production even better than expected.
Reviewed by kearly over 1 year ago
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record a character voice or accent TODAY
record a character voice or accent TODAY

About This Gig

If you don't hear anything on my demo, do not despair.  We can collaborate as I do with other buyers to find the perfect character voice or accent for your project.

Please be very clear in direction as far as comedic or dramatic, certain word phrasing, which character or personality traits you are going for.

I can deliver files in WAV, mp3

I will record up to 150 words of a script per gig.  Please order gigs appropriately based on word count.  

If you need me to record more than 2 different characters please order that as a Gig Extra.

* Please do NOT order extra gigs in hopes that the additional payment will prompt me to deliver the order to you faster.  I treat each gig as my top priority in order of gigs purchased, no matter how big or small. 
If you need background music, please specify and order gig for that.
*Absolutely NO SEX
*I will do retakes ONLY when the error is mine, but must be brought to my attention within 24 hours after delivery of your order.
*Please check your inbox once you place your order in case I have a question or notice an error in your script. This reduces delays and promotes faster delivery.