I will translate 150 words into eng, fr from Italian

translate 150 words into eng, fr from Italian

About This Gig

Hello to all of you and thank you for showing interests on my gig!

When you require this service, you're asking for a professional translation of 150 WORDS that you'll send me in Office Word format., FROM Italian INTO English or French. I also accept to translate from Portuguese, English, French into English, French. I only ask you to write me before ordering. If in need to translate longer texts, I kindly ask you to refer to my gig extras.

You can expect a very available and friendly person at you're service, gladly accepting both compliments and suggestions. 

If still in doubt about something, I invite you to write me before asking for a service, I'm sure we will solve it together easly. 

Order Details

2 days delivery 2 Revisions

150 words translation from Italian

Translation of 150 Italian or English or French words into Eng/French + from PT into Eng, Fr

  • Up to 150 Words
  • Proofreading