I will creates 2d and 3d floor plan or autocad and sketchup model

creates 2d and 3d floor plan or autocad and sketchup model

About This Gig


I am happy to work with you. 

I'm an architect. My motto: quick, quality and prestige.

--- I will create 2D & 3D floor plan and model sketchup the fastest , best for you from pdf files, jpg, sketches, autocad, sketchup. vv. 

  1.  create 2d & 3D floor plan for the large projects, condominiums, apartments, hotels, houses, restaurants, office .etc...

  2.  only the walls. no color

  3.  including color, not including furniture.

  4.  include full color and furniture.

  5.  I will send to you three high quality images or sketchup model file.

I will make and edit according to your needs until you are satisfied. 

Thank you for your interest in me. 

I am very glad to cooperate with you.

-- To do not lose your time.

- $ 5 basically is do not included color and furniture , not render,  I'll send you a sketchup file

- $ 15 basically is do not included furniture ,  I'll send you 3 high quality Images / floor  

--- if  !. 

  - you want the best quality projects.

  - you have big projects.

  please contact me.

  I will give you the most suitable price.

---if you are satisfied.

   Can you order.

Thank you very much.

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