I will professionally proofread and edit any document

professionally proofread and edit any document

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Many of us use Microsoft Word for writing. And yes, MS Word has its own inbuilt spelling checker that throws up red wiggly lines each time you make a mistake. But how many times has MS Word misspelt words that don't live in its dictionary or failed to flag a word even though it was misspelled.

When it comes to processing information, our eyes and our brains have proven to be far better than any super computer. So why rely on a software that may or may not always do a perfect job, when you have me?

Professionally proof read and edit any document of up to 1000 words in ENGLISH so that it is grammatically correct and error free. In addition to this, I will also check punctuation and sentence structure, re-writing it carefully (if and when needed) so that your words (and sentiments) remain the same. 

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