I will review a NonDisclosure or Confidentiality Agreement

review a NonDisclosure or Confidentiality Agreement

About This Gig

1 gig = 2 pages up to 1000 word count.   ***Custom Order is available, please message prior to ordering.

I will:

- analyse your NDA / Confidentiality Agreement detecting any loopholes, errors, errors with usage of the language(legalese) and detecting any missing or "overkill" clauses/provisions

- suggest that you should be aware of certain issues prior to signing, or provide reasons to even not to sign the NDA / Conf. Agreement at all

- suggest minor corrections to words, numbers, add/delete clauses, negotiation points and strategies  >>>***NOTE: for major revisions and NDA rewrite, including writing actual suggested clauses to include, or legalese re-wording, please see Gig Extras

I will send you a comprehensive clause by clause review. 

I will review any Non-Disclosure Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Canadian Employment Contract, Subcontracting Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Master Services Agreement, Statement of Work, Bond, Pact, Deal, Convention, Treaty, Commitment, Promise, Accord, Covenant, Settlement, Understanding, or Deal that you have been asked to sign

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3 days delivery 1 Revision

NDA or Confidentiality Agreement

I will review and analyse your NDA or Confidentiality Agreement and provide a detailed report