I will professional Website Evaluation fast for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
professional Website Evaluation fast
professional Website Evaluation fast

About This Gig

Let us professionally evaluate Your website (corporate, business or blog)!
We'll make a detailed evaluation of Your web page, the good and the bad. Every evaluation will be done;
- from our professional point of view as web developers with over 10 years of experience,
- from our designers point of view with over 15 years of experience and
- from a point of view of an end user.

No site is big or small for our evaluation!

Evaluation is approx. 5+ pages of .pdf document (+ screen shots attached).

What do You get?Page insight (How fast does You web page loads - Your server respond time etc.),How does GOOGLE see Your web pages (every link, page, tag etc.),Web page Hotspots (where users click, when and why),UI evaluation (Evaluate web page User Interface),UX evaluation (Evaluate web page User Experience),Mobile Friendly Website test (is Your web page mobile-friendly),Every web page segment graded on scale 1 to 5,Code issues, Copyright and license issues,Image, Logo and icon placement andApprox. estimate on what should be done by stages of importance.
What You DON'T get?
SEO analysis,Landing Pages analysis,Anything other than Evaluation!

Contact before order is a must!