I will index Your Backlinks

index Your Backlinks
index Your Backlinks
index Your Backlinks

About This Gig

Special Fiverr Gig -  Bet you didn't know that Google doesn't see the entire web. That means you may be wasting 50% OR MORE of your back-linking effort. If Google can't find them your website, blog or video will not get ranked. Indexing makes Google find all of your links, thereby improving your sites ability to get ranked higher on the search engines.

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I will get your b a c kl i n k s indexed with the LinkIndexr software (up to 100)

BONUS: With my Power Indexer Pro Software I will create extra back/links to your main URL, and the software will then create MORE B-L to those!

This gig will greatly increase your websites ranking.
(please note that many factors affect rankings and there is no way to determine exactly how much of an improvement in rankings you will receive, but indexing often helps to greatly increase your ranking)