I will edit PRO gamer footage

edit PRO gamer footage
edit PRO gamer footage

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Description Basic Gaming Package Standard Gaming Package PRO Gamer package
  includes cutting and audio correcting under 30 seconds includes cutting, color correcting, effects, extra video, chroma keying under 90 seconds Up to twenty minutes of high quality footage including choice of music and audio
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About This Gig

Are you looking for high quality editing of your footage but don't have the programs or experience yourself? Look no further! I offer excellent and professional editing of game footage to maximize your potential for whatever purpose.

Editing Options:

  • Basic cutting
  • Color correction
  • Effects and Graphics
  • Adding extra footage (such as webcam or multiplayer)
  • Music
  • Sound editing
  • Recording advice
  • HD rendering
  • etc.

Don't hesitate to contact me or look at the packages to see what you're looking for and how much it costs.


  • I WILL NOT take popular footage already created by someone and re-edit it for your purpose and/or break copyright laws
  • I WILL NOT upload any work I create to my personal social media accounts as promotion