I will embed your Indiegogo Campaign on my Blog

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by infmetry 4 months ago
Great work! Didn't expect that much.
Reviewed by carli2 8 months ago
absolutely awesome and quick :)
Reviewed by llbraughler over 1 year ago
embed your Indiegogo Campaign on my Blog

About This Gig

For $5.00, I will embed your Indiegogo Campaign on my blog, leave it on there for the duration of your campaign, and provide you with proof (i.e. screen capture images and the link to my blog so you can see that it's on there). 

Gig Extras

For an extra $5.00, I will tweet about your campaign via Twitter (to 3,200 + followers) to help spread the word/awareness about your campaign project.

For another $5.00, I will add a link to your campaign project on my Tumblr blog.

For yet another $5.00, I will pin your campaign to my Pinterest board to give your project some more exposure.

For an extra $5.00, I will share your crowdfunding link on Facebook.

For an additional $5.00, I will share your project on Google Plus.

Please note: I will not promote any campaigns that encourage racism or hatred, are of a pornographic nature, or involve generating funds to do irreverent harm to a species (i.e. pouching/game hunting, etc.)  Also note, your campaign must be up and running and not in the planning stages or ready to launch in a few days.  I will cancel these orders if they fail to meet any of these standard requisites.