I will find what you need

find what you need

About This Gig

I connect people looking for jobs, or recruiters looking for people.
I connect people to people
I pick you up if you need a ride
I drive you home if you shouldn't be
I pick up stuff, and bring to you
Can't get that gift for your significant other, out of time. I am your time
Last minute babysitter, last minute delivery of food to sig other
Need a car I connect you with my people
Answers you are looking for I can find
Travel, delivers, find what you need, pick up from airport. I am a freelance operator of just doing things.
Sit at a bar to make sure you get home, I do that too
I am here to help you as needed.
It's your personal assistant for those items you need
Questions on what I can do or will do-ask if you are unsure

Order Details

3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Research Find & Deliver

You tell me what you are looking for, need, or want. I find it and/or deliver it-varies by item

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