I will be your mix and master engineer

be your mix and master engineer

About This Gig

Dear Buyer,

If you're looking for more than the standard service, just contact me for a custom offer. Also, feel free to ask for samples of my recent work.

This gig is all about mixing and mastering your project. If you’re looking for great, transparent sound at an affordable rate, then this gig is for you.

I will deliver
  • Audio file [WAV, MP3]
  • Balanced, transparent mix and master
  • 3 send effects and volume automation
  • A free revision

You can also order
  • Add 5 more stems to mix
  • Vocal tuning
  • Mix with reference track of your choice
  • Project file: Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, Pro Tools [LOGICX, DPDOC, PTX]
  • Additional revision

3min of music, consisting of up to 5 stems = 1 gig

Looking for more? I offer a wide range of quality audio production and sheet music services. Please visit my Fiverr profile for more information.