I will cast a CONJURING spell on your enemy for revenge

cast a CONJURING spell on your enemy for revenge

About This Gig

Thank you for check out my offering,

This is a VERY powerful casting. The price for this casting as a normal package is $55 this covers

1. Material used during the casting and also to prepare the spell
2. Time to prepare the spell
3. 2 hours worth of casting time

What you MUST have in order to cast this spell:

1. The person you want to targets Name
2. Their Location
3. Date of Birth
4. Picture of them

I will create this conjuring spell to either haunt their body or an object that they posses ( you can choose).

This is a VERY negative spell casting. This casting will conjure negativity , evil and evil spirits to bring the targeted person much pain and suffering. The spell is going to imbue one of their possession of their body with an evil spirit to bring them life long pain and suffering.

If you have any questions please consult me!

I can also add a HEX instead of the curse, just message me before hand. This is the ultimate revenge spell, it really does not get any stronger than this!

Make someone wish that they never crossed you!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put this on more than one person
    This gig is good for one conjuring spell, I can do it on more than one person but another gig is required.
  • How strong is this casting compared to a regular revenge spell?
    This is 100x's stronger. This is going to conjure a demonic spirit with the revenge spell into someones or into one of their possessions.