I will cast a HEX spell on someone for your ultimate revenge or punishment

cast a HEX spell on someone for your ultimate revenge or punishment

About This Gig

This is  my gig for a Hex Spell this will be aimed at punishment or revenge.

The standard price for this spell casting is $50, this covers a 3 hour casting and all the materials used to create you spell casting.
*See recommended option*

With this option I will tailor the spell to the type on punishment you see fit, and upon consultation we will find the way to get the spell into their live to cause the most pain, loss, discomfort and eternal torture.

This is a strong casting and will work with several different elements on the person you are targeting. This casting will influence their mind in a negative way punishing them for their actions. This hex will enter their lives and doom them.

There are many different strength levels and additions on a hex depending on how long you want them punished and how long you want them to suffer.

What I will need to cast:
1. NAME of target
2. Location (Country, state, city)
3. Picture

Thank you

Please be sure you know the forces you are dealing with before casting such a spell. These are strong entities that will bring the hex.curse upon the person of choice. This will negatively effect their lives until the curse is broken.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this spell cause death?
    This spell will NOT cause death. This is the upper limit of the spell. It will destroy a persons like completely but not kill them. If you want a death spell that involves a darker type of magic.
  • What is the best to add on to the base spell?
    The recommended option is the base, any other addition with this option will lead to DRAMATIC effects on the targets life. This target is going to see their life spiral out of control downwards until they really have nothing left.