I will cast a strong OBSESSION spell with love spell elements

cast a strong OBSESSION spell with love spell elements

About This Gig

Thank you for viewing my gig:

This is an obsession spell  (YES this is different from a true love spell)

This spell casting is going to make your target obsessed over you and filled with obsessive thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas. This is a powerful casting that is going to connect strong lust, desire, passion and obsessive elements to your target.

The BASE casting for this spell is $55
This covers
  • Materials used to create the spell (they are not cheap)
  • Time to prepare the spell
  • 2 hour casting of the spell

This spell is going to work with forces in the spirit world and inject-able feelings and elements that I will put into your target.

What do I need to cast this spell?

1. Your Name, Location, DOB
2. Targets Name, Location, DOB
3. Pictures of both people

This is a very strong spell an the obsession will be strong. Make sure you are ready for the obsession from this spell casting once it is active in the spirit realm!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the different between love and obsession?
    Love focus' on a genuine connection between you and the target that focus' on core elements of a relationship that is more love, caring, friendship and trust based. An obsession spell is more lust and desire focused.
  • Can I order an obsession spell with a love spell?
    Yes they are be ordered together, each spell takes a different approach and will not interfere with the other.