I will cast a VERY powerful love spell

cast a VERY powerful love spell

About This Gig

Welcome to my Gig!

This is a spell casting for a very powerful love :

This casting can be used for:
1. Your self and someone
2. Any other two people of any sex

What you will need to order this spell:
1. Names of both people
2. Locations (city)
3. Pictures of each person

The Base costing of this spell is $50!
This Covers:
  1. Materials purchased to prepare your spell and also do the casting
  2. Time it takes me to not only prepare the spells but also cast them
  3. The base spell of $50 includes a 2-hour spell casting window.

This casting works by repairing bonds of an already established relationship or will work to establish true love bonds where they do not exist. These forces along with the love spell will bring these people together.

Please only cast spells if you know what you are getting into. Spells and magic affect real human emotions. All spells have butterfly effects. 

This is a very strong spell an the love will be strong. Make sure you are ready for the love from this spell casting once it is active in the spirit realm!

Any questions please contact me!

Hope to help you soon,