I will boost you in League of Legends

thank you friendly gamer and fast delivery
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boost you in League of Legends
boost you in League of Legends
boost you in League of Legends

About This Gig

Hello guys I m here to offer you a super good offert for boosting.
I will boost for you 
Only on EUW and EUNE

Here are my offerts : 

Bronz 5 to Bronz 4 is 5 
Bronz 4 to Bronz 3 is 5$
Bronz 2 to Bronz 1 is 5 $
Bronz 1 to Silver 5 is 10 $

Silver 5 to Silver 4 is 5 $

Silver 4 to Silver 3 is 5 $
Silver 3 to Silver 2 is 5 $
Silver 2 to Silver 1 is 5 $
Silver 1 to Gold 5   is 10 $

Is not the first time, I already did 15 customers happy and I m here not to scamm people.

P.S: If you have your email confirmed on your LOL account don't even think I can steal your account , only if I have your email I can change the password if not I can't , so don't think I m here to steal your account cuz thats impossible for me to do, and there is no reason for me to do that , trust me if I was doing something like that I did had 15 customers and to have replays from them.

Here are some links of what my last customers said :

"he's friendly 
he's a good guy and u can trust him really well! no bullshitting around just doing what he says."
"i tried it ! and .. if u are looking for a boost .. do it by him!"

Have a great day!

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