I will do a Publicity Stunt in New York City Times Square

do a Publicity Stunt in New York City Times Square

About This Gig

I will create a list of Publicity Stunts, and execute them in New York City's Times Square. Your product/brand will be seen by millions of people. I will also try to attract press and create viral video content.

The list is $5, the execution of the Publicity Stunt starts at $100. I will list some ideas that can be Executed for $100, but we can always do bigger.

-You will get a video of the Publicity Stunt. Video and written feed back on your product/brands impression from consumers in the street.


-Currently I have a customer that wants 2 cars to look like a left & right sneaker they sell. The car that looks like the left sneaker is going to give free rides in Times Square, and ask the passengers to use gps to track the missing right sneaker. If the passenger can do it in time they win a prize. There will  be flyers showing a missing sneaker.
-Currently I have a customer that has a natural energy drink. He wants us to set up a fake bench press. Have people try the drink, then try to lift a fake 300lbs. A actor will do it first to convince them. After we will explain why the bench press is not real like gimmick drinks, and that their product is for long term health improvement.

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