I will review a UCAS Personal Statement

review a UCAS Personal Statement

About This Gig

This is for students planning on applying to university in the UK.

When preparing your UCAS application you will need to submit a personal statement. These can be tough to get right. You will read it more times than you can count. So, having somebody else read it with fresh eyes can be extremely helpful.

In this gig you will get a native English speaker to proofread your essay. They will be British and have studied at a top UK university .

You will get:
  • 48 hour turnaround guaranteed - OR within 24 or 12 hours if you book our express services.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence flow corrections made.
  • Native English speaker

When suitable we may also give suggestions if a specific bit of content isn't suitable or what you should think about including.

Documents can be submitted by Word. All suggested changes will be tracked so you can see clearly our suggestions.

Please note that personal statements need to be 4,000 characters or less. For this gig we accept personal statements up to 4,500 characters. If longer, please order the Extra we offer.

If you are applying to a non-UK university we can also help. Please see our other gigs.

Any questions? Do let us know.