I will give you 318 page printable worksheets for Kindergarten

give you 318 page printable worksheets for Kindergarten

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Description Basic Private Label Resell Rights
  You can use these worksheets for your own use or for your students. Re-brand these worksheets with your name and logo. You have to provide the logo. Private use only. You can re-sell or distribute these worksheets at your own price. Cannot Print as physical books
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About This Gig

Few of the activities are:
     Match the picture with correct outline
    Help find the way
    Differences between 2 images
    Draw using dots
    Re-arrange jumbled pieces of image
    Find odd one out
    Tick the largest/smallest in each box
    Write forward/backward counting
    Least to greatest/greatest to least
    Count the objects and color the right number
    Write number names
    What time is it
    What comes after/before
    Pictorial addition
    Pictorial subtraction
    Lets play a game
    Match the same picture
    Find the missing part of image
    Help the panda to find her baby panda
    Find five differences between 2 images
    Rearrange the jumbled pieces
    Color the image
    Draw the missing picture in the given space
    Odd one out
    Write the first letter of each picture
    Draw the picture in enlarged grid
    Make new words form the given word
    Join the dots and color the picture
    Match the objects with its right name
    Solve the puzzle
    Complete the pattern
    Tick the largest in each box
    Match the colors with its name
  Sentences & Phrases
  Cut & Paste and many more.....

Book is in PDF format printable on A4 size paper.