I will write a 3 Point CUSTOM Business Plan

write a 3 Point CUSTOM Business Plan
write a 3 Point CUSTOM Business Plan

About This Gig

Looking for help trying to get your business off the ground? Need some sound advice?

Look no further. For $5, I will create a BASIC, 3 POINT Business Plan, customized just for you.

The $5 gig is comprised of 3 basic tips to give your business a jump start. If you want a more in-depth business plan, please see my "Gig Extras", for my IN-DEPTH, 5 Point Business Plan.

Other extras include:

  • Review and GRADE your current business plan
  • Review and REVISE your current business plan
  • Answer TWO questions pertaining to your business

I am a Level 2 Seller who has completed over 100 gigs and received high praise for my level of customer service. I have a college degree in business marketing, plus over 7 years of professional experience working with both corporations and independent businessmen/women.

NOTE: If you have any questions not in the FAQ's below or anything you don't understand, please message me first before ordering.

I will not write a business plan for anything that is unethical, illegal, or immoral. I will refuse those orders. If you have any doubts, send me a message.

The final file format will be:

  • DOC.
  • PDF.
  • TXT.

Order Details

Custom Business Plan

I will create a BASIC, 3 point customized business plan specific to you and your industry.

3 days delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your business background?
    I have a college degree in business marketing, plus I have worked with numerous corporations and entrepreneurs over the last 7+ years.
  • What's the difference between the 3 Point plan and the 5 Point plan?
    The 3 Point plan is composed of 3 basic tips (2 to 3 sentences each) to give you a jumpstart in your business. The 5 Point plan is more IN-DEPTH, plus gives much more detail and direction. It is a heavy guideline to help take your business to the next level.
  • I just want to ask you some questions.
    I can answer any questions you may have. I have a "Gig Extra" for business consulting included.
  • Can you guarantee that I will be successful using your business plans?
    It is completely unethical for ANYONE to guarantee success or sales. I would never act in a manner that is unethical. The only guarantee is that I will deliver you a POWERFUL business plan that will increase the odds of your success.