I will tutor you from a selection of subjects

tutor you from a selection of subjects

About This Gig

Looking for a high-school tutor online for a low cost? 
Taking lots of difficult underclassmen or middle school subjects? 
Then I'm here to answer your plea for help!  
Sessions last 30 minutes for $5
I am currently a high school junior looking for a way to assist students like yourself who struggle or just need a little 'push' in subjects such as: 

Middle School
     Algebra I     Geometry     English 6-8      German I    
     World History/ Geography     Physical Science    
     Civics/ Economics     Life Science     US History

High School   
     Algebra II (Honors and Regular)
     Math Analysis (H/A and R)     
     German II-III      
     Earth Science (H/A and R)  
     AP Biology 
     AP European History 
     AP US Government 
     English 9 (H/A and R) 
     English 10 (H/A and R) 
     Economics/ Personal Finance 

A little more of my academic history to persuade you: 
Straight As in all subjects mentioned above (except for AP Biology, English 10, AP US Government, and Math Analysis; I received high Bs in those classes)
Current cumulative GPA: 4.22 
Class rank: 18 out of 439 

Any further question, concerns, or other comments please feel free to message me!

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