I will provide FEEDBACK, give your Portfolio a critique and review

Got good feedback in a positive constructive way.
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provide FEEDBACK, give your Portfolio a critique and review

About This Gig

Aspiring Art Director, Designer, or Copywriter. If you are assembling your portfolio, put your best work forward and land your first job or advance in your current career path.

I'm an experienced industry professional willing to share my knowledge. I wish I knew then what I know today about advertising and design.

  • Are you looking to break into ADVERTISING and DESIGN?
  • Are you getting ready to GRADUATE from design school?
  • Are you looking for constructive feedback and help building a strong portfolio?
  • Are you working on a new piece of creative and need some creative direction?

Starting at $5 I will be your VIRTUAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR, by giving you constructive advice and tips to building a strong portfolio of your best work.

Send me a PDF of 1 or all of your creative portfolio pieces. I will review your logos, ad campaigns, covers, photoshop and illustrator designs, posters, brochures and more. 

You will receive, customized feedback in PDF format with real advice and suggestions to implement and advance your portfolio.

Expect anything from copy edits, color suggestions, advice for leading, kerning, tracking, image edits, fonts, or a JOB OFFER!

You have everything to gain with this gig.