I will create an animated video from any photo

Fantastic! All communication with was quick and clear. Delivery was a day early and exactly what I expected. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you gooberella. Great work.
Reviewed by twu10828 24 days ago
to good to be true!!!
Reviewed by kjkjk87 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by themakeupgirl 5 months ago
Got helped after a few minutes. Excellent service, will use again! THANKS!
Reviewed by mart81 5 months ago
Another fabulous job, thanks so much :-)
Reviewed by themakeupgirl 6 months ago
This was fantastic! Seller had excellent communication, offered ideas, delivered amazing work and very quick turnaround. Very happy, will definitely order again and recommend, thanks so much!
Reviewed by themakeupgirl 7 months ago
Awesome Work! Highly recommended. Thank you so much
Reviewed by publ1z 8 months ago
Awesome service, couldn't be happier!
Reviewed by helicopterharry 9 months ago
Top level work for a tough project delivered fast. Great attention to detail and marvelous sense for facial expressions. Very talented individual. Don't hesitate to use for your project.
Reviewed by luaustin7 about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by amahar about 1 year ago
Excellent very talented. I will be back !
Reviewed by publ1z over 1 year ago
Sent this order as a talking dog postcard / email to a granddaughter. WHAT A HIT!!!!
Reviewed by bettyr over 1 year ago
Excellent service and super speedy - love it!
Reviewed by stephanosteve over 1 year ago
If you can't afford Disney, this artist is the next best thing. The samples don’t do justice to her ability. Outstanding work, delivered on time. Highly recommend. Hope to work with again.
Reviewed by luaustin7 almost 2 years ago
Love it! Great and fast service for my adorable talking dog video. I'll definitely come back. Thank you so much!
Reviewed by gmcodyw2 almost 2 years ago
THe results were much better than I had expected, really great! The modification was fantastic. My dog's name was a little tricky so it had to be re-recorded. It was all done very promptly and it all looks so cute.
Reviewed by lyndacorcoran almost 2 years ago
Thanks, excellent work!
Reviewed by sherpaherb almost 2 years ago
This is too funny! And WELL DONE!!! I was surprised to see the video given me in 3 formats. This was a quality Gold Star gig!!
Reviewed by best_artdoc almost 2 years ago
Great idea that fit into a work project. Quick and excellent service. Thanks!
Reviewed by dallasite about 2 years ago
had a few issues this time on my end for some reason and she went above and beyond and tried many things to help me and make sure everything was solved.. Excellent!!! adorable video ! thank u :)
Reviewed by upnparr about 2 years ago
create an animated video from any photo
create an animated video from any photo
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two guys MP4
Bailey WMV
jetlag 1080 HD MPEG
Lilly Web Ad MP4
lilly WMV
Blondy Book Trailer w Music WMV
marla act 2 WMV c 800x600
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About This Gig

Make an animated video from any photo...babies, animals, art work etc.

You will receive a MP4 video file(can be played on android phones and windows), a WMV file (can be played on apples, android devices and windows) and a Youtube link to your video for sharing via social media sites, email, etc

1 gig = one animated character and 10 word script.

Extra Gigs below:

I will Add additional words in increments of 25 words per gigs (Keep it G rated, no profanity please) 

I will add additional talking figures in the same video (up to 3 figures)