I will modify WordPress theme design for $25

/ / 12 Days On Average
modify WordPress theme design
modify WordPress theme design

About This Gig

Modify and customize your WordPress theme make your website stand out from the crowd.

This gig is about:

  • Fixing HTML/CSS/Javascript issues
  • Changing the color of any page element (background, text, border, etc.)
  • Modifying spacing, borders, font, background, etc.
  • Minor tweaks of the theme used

1 problem/fix per gig. Some modifications might need more work and time (more gigs).

Important Note:

  • One WordPress issue per gig, if you find yourself saying you need "this &...", that becomes two issues.
  • Therefore, contact me to discuss a price first.To avoid problems please contact me and explain your needs BEFORE ordering this gig! Orders without prior approval will be canceled.