I will be your personal trainer through skype

be your personal trainer through skype

About This Gig

I have good news and bad news- 

The good news is, I have been called the Bay Area's Best Trainer, and I have the experience and clientelle to back that up. I want to help You succeed and even surpass your goals!
The bad news is... I live in California! So then, how will this work? You will be able to contact me on skype Whenever you'd like! Any question you have, anything you would like to see... I will be there for you!

I charge a small weekly fee of $20. You'll end up paying upwards of $200 for a similar offer, just to see your trainer in person. I realize this deal has it's ups and downs... and maybe it's not for you? But if you're looking for the best personal training advice from the west coast, hit the reply button and we can talk!

Looking forward to your response!

Marcus Graves

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