I will run Google out of town with my SEO Audit and bonus gifts

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run Google out of town with my SEO Audit and bonus gifts
run Google out of town with my SEO Audit and bonus gifts

About This Gig

This is Fiverr right?  I believe in providing good value for your $5 and not charging for extras that just don't provide extra value, so all services that GooglePage provides is $5... No confusing extras and simply good service and products.

We all know that ranking first  for a keyword is important for our business, but how important is it?

Studies have shown that the top match in Google will get around 32% of the clicks on page one. Second place will get around 17% and third place will get around 11%.

On top of that, approximately 91% of people that are searching  for your keyword, won t click to the second page of results. They make purchase decisions based on what they find on the first page.

As you can see, ranking on the first page is essential for business to gain more organic traffic from search engines and gain the competitive edge from competitors without having to spend as much on pay per click advertising.

This audit will show you HOW to reach the First page so you are harvesting ALL that important traffic.

If you would like a sample prior to ordering, please let us know!

Love from the Team at GooglePage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see a sample of your report?
    Yes, of course you can. Just request it and I will send one through.
  • Can you provide your report in another language?
    Yes, I can. English, Spanish, French, Italian are just some of the languages the report can be provided in. Please ask me if there is a language that isn't listed and I will let you know.