I will give you Facebook users who want your product

give you Facebook users who want your product

About This Gig

If you're advertising on Facebook you need to have laser pointed advertising.  Otherwise, your costs will skyrocket. 

You provide me up to 3 fan pages that you want to target and I will extract the most active users on that page and email you a text file.  You will be able to take this text file and load it under the 'custom audience' tab in your Facebook Ads Manager page.  In short, you will be able to advertise directly to these users.

It's important to advertise to users who are passionate about your product because your advertising efforts convert better and it will dramatically lower your cpc.  Using this technique has lowered my cpc on many campaigns to under .20 cents a click.

For example, if you're selling golf clubs I can provide you the most active users of the golf pages you want me to target.  Depending on how many users and how popular the page is will determine how big your list will be.

NOTE: This list will not be of all the fans of the page; only the most active ones.  Please feel free to contact me prior to purchasing.  Provide me with the 3 pages you'd like to target and I can tell you how many users I can extract for you.

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1 day delivery