I will do this Intro Video

do this Intro Video
do this Intro Video

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Description The Intro you see Extended Intro of the clip Longest Version of the Intro
  for 5 $ only you will get the Intro you see in the Video + Colors, Reflexivity, Font,Music you wish for 10 $ you will get an extended version of the Intro and an optional lightning effect for 15 $ you will get a long version of the intro with everything designed as precise as you wish
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About This Gig

Hey there, 

in this gig you have the choice of three versions of the intro you see in the overview. For only 5 $ you will get the intro you see in the clip and can change the colors, reflectivity and font as you want it to be. With over 100 + options for Colors, Reflection mode, and Fonts you will find your intro. 

For another 5 $ you will get the extended versions of the intro. That does not mean that the resolution will change. The resolution will always be Full HD. (except you want more or less pixels). In the overview video the resolution is 1400x800 because it was too big for fiverr. You will get any video format with Full HD resolution. The extended clip will have longer tracking shots + an optional lightning effect on your text.

For 15 $ you will get the Premium version of the clip. Long tracking shots + lightning effects + materials you want + different shatter effects etc.  

If you have any questions or requests send me a message.
See you soon :)

Kottkamp / GoosFilms