I will create an original Jingle or Logo Sting

create an original Jingle or Logo Sting

About This Gig

I'm the Level 2 One Stop Shop for original jingles, logo stings, and  soundtracks tracks for all your sales, branding, and marketing requirements. Broadcast-YouTube-Website-corporate, radio-tv-blog IDs and themes, games, and much more. I've been doing this for many years. I compose them, sing them, play them, record and mix them, then deliver them to you. From simple pieces to complex. Stingers to film scores.

To be honest, though, five bucks gets you next to nothing. This is a truly "custom" gig. You have to message me with your requirements before I will quote a fair Fiverr price. I do not accept orders without a consultation. I keep prices low because I can produce a great track  by myself. Great composing, playing, singing, and engineering. I use only pro gear and sample libraries. And my musical and marketing experience allows me to deliver a track that enhances your product or production.

Message me with your requirements and I'll link you to the appropriate demo samplers.

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