I will create Music and Audio

create Music and Audio

About This Gig

 Exclusive to FIVERR!   Level 2 Seller!

 I provide an enormous range of Music Creation and Production services. No two Fiverr gigs I've done are the same.
  • custom song and soundtrack composition-all styles and purposes, from stingers to indie film scores, special purpose songs, and more
  • overdubbing- excellent  sample libraries and Playing/MIDI skill
  • sing harmonies/lead vocals on your track- multi tracked, multi layered. See my singing gig below for details!
  • tune doctor your song,  produce your  song.
  • much much much more

Message me before ordering to discuss your project. If I can't help you I'll tell you right away.

I HAVE: 40 years pro experience- ex-Second City Comedy Musical Director-concert performer across N America-over 3000 recording sessions as composer, producer, arranger, player, singer, audio engineer, TV audio post, MIDI programmer, studio owner, many TV+Radio+Corporate tracks, pop songs.

To view many client comments and feedback visit my main Fiverr gigs.

Main Composing gig is here: http://www.fiverr.com/gopageguy/compose-a-custom-soundtrack-for-your-production

Main Singing gig is here: http://www.fiverr.com/gopageguy/sing-kickass-harmonies-in-your-chorus