I will make a pagerank 8 guest post

make a pagerank 8 guest post
make a pagerank 8 guest post
make a pagerank 8 guest post

About This Gig

Get a permanent high quality dofollow backlink on a real PageRank 8 domain!
High quality, manual spun, 400 word article related to your niche is included!


What you will get in this gig:
  • 1 Permanent guest post on a PR8 domain
  • 1 dofollow link
  • Guest post article
  • Traffic
  • Boost in rankings

SEO metrics and stats (according to top SEO tools):
  • Google PageRank: 8
  • Alexa Rank: 461,539 (US only: 285,356)
  • Ahrefs URL rating: 51
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 46
  • Ahrefs Backlinks: 236,340 (5260 uniques)
  • MozDA:36
  • Moz PA:45
  • Majestic TF:17
  • Majestic CF:17
  • Traffic: 157,358 monthly visitors
  • Age: 7 years
  • Last metric update: 28/11/2016

Main categories:
    • Beauty
    • Business
    • Education
    • Finance
    • Fitness
    • Health
    • Home Improvement
    • Law
    • Real Estate
    • Services
    • Shopping
    • Technology
    • Travel
    • and 80 more categories!

    Benefits for your website:
    • Authority
    • Brand Awareness
    • PR8 trust
    • PageRank boost (takes years though)
    • Link Juice
    • Boost in rankings
    • Traffic from the post which can convert to customers

    1 URL and 1 keyword
     - Optionally I can use your own article!

    You will get a REFUND if you aren't happy - but I am sure you will be!
    Unsure if this gig is right for you? Send me a private message and ask to see the site.

    Order Details

    Standard Gig

    A PageRank 8 Guest post

    • 1 Article Title
    3 days delivery 1 Revision

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is an article included or do I have to write it myself?
      An article IS included, so you don't have to write it yourself. But I can use your article if you prefer. Simply attach it when ordering.
    • Will the guest post be permanent?
      Yes, I guarantee your post will be permanent. I have provided guest posts for years and not once have a single post been removed.
    • Will the link be dofollow?
      Yes it will. Feel free to check the source code yourself or other tools or ask for help if you don't know how to check.
    • Will the article be based (written specifically) around my instructions, website, service and mention my product or brand name?
      No. The article will be related to your niche and be a general valuable article that talk about a certain topic in your niche. You don't get it written around your instructions unless you add the $15 extra or attach/write the article yourself.
    • How many different domains are available?
      I have 11 different available unique domains for guest posting.
    • How much does this gig cost?
      It cost $5.
    • Do you have anything related to my niche?
      Yes, all niches are covered through a vast options of categories. Except for illegal stuff of course.
    • How can I check PageRank?
      "prchecker" is the official website to check it from. Beside that, you can just Google "check pagerank".