I will professionally master your song or any audio file

professionally master your song or any audio file

About This Gig

I will do the final master to your song. I will do a final coat of polish to your song.

For $5, I will master your audio track preparing it for radio play and mass distribution. 

Mastering is a crucial part in the process of sharing your music. Mastering involves getting your song loud, punchy, dynamic, clear, and professional. 

What Your Master Will Get:
  • Customized EQ to add clarity and punch
  • Stereo Widening
  • Commercial Standard Volume Level
  • Strategic Compression to add energy 
  • High Quality WAV and MP3 File 
* Just send me your song and I will do the rest
This is a mastering gig not an EDITING gig so you must have tracks ready to be mastered
* I will accept .mp3, .waw and .aiff

If you order 2 gigs I will master another 2 songs FOR FREE!
And I will give you 30 sec. preview of your song before you order if you request!


Please contact me first for any details.

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