I will send you 10 movie quality sound effects

send you 10 movie quality sound effects

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I have a database with over 100GB of royalty free sound effects too many to list just put a request in for the sounds you are looking for and as many details as you can use to describe what you want in return and if you have to list a few category's of sound effects please put a numerical order from 1- 10 importance with 1 being most valuable . Thanks you can fiverr me multiple times but to make sure you don't get the same sound effects (duplicates) please keep track of the reference names of the sound effects I send you so that you can provide me with a list of previous purchases and I will make sure to send new and different sound effects as there may be multiple sound. Effects for things such as car starting driving away car horn gun fire etc. Thanks. HELP ME HELP YOU

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4 days delivery