I will create real estate video slideshow from your images

create real estate video slideshow from your images
create real estate video slideshow from your images
create real estate video slideshow from your images

About This Gig

Want to market your properties more effectively? That's where we come in. We specialize in creating / editing media for real estate marketing purposes.

MLS services typically compress images to such a high degree they're almost unrecognizable after the compression and resizing process. Posting a high quality video on YouTube can get around that as it's delivered to your buyer in full original quality at 1080p. Just insert a link to the video in the listing and you're all set! The combo of video and social media is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your marketing arsenal. 

99% of people would rather watch a video than click/tap through still images. A video slideshow takes just one click / tap to view and you have a full virtual tour of the property with minimal fuss and no MLS compression destroying your images. 

Video looks/works great with mobile, and lets face it, most buyers use apps to look for real estate! Just one tap on the screen and they're viewing your images in full 1080p. Try our video slideshow gig and start seeing your tours and sales increase immediately.

Order Details

15 image video slideshow

We'll create a video slideshow with your pics, supplied background music (MP3).

  • Full HD (1080p)
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I include an intro / closing images with my property pictures? If so do they count against the 15 images?
    Absolutely, feel free, the opening and closing images (1 of each) don't count against the 15 images for your slideshow. A great way to start off would be an appropriately sized (1920x1080) image that has your headshot, logo, contact info, office info etc, same with closing image.
  • How long should my song be?
    Figure 1 minute of song per 15 or so pictures, they'll be displayed an equal amount of time spaced through out your song. If you submit something shorter the pictures will display faster as they're timed exactly to the music start / end. Conversely, if your song is longer the opposite is true.
  • Do you supply music?
    No we do not, we recommend searching for "open source music" and you'll find many tunes that are excellent and free to use even for commercial purposes, so long as you cite the source and creator of the song somewhere in your media. Don't send copyrighted stuff such as Lil' Wayne.
  • Can I custom order things like display certain slide for certain length of time?
    No, the tools we use for this gig do not support such things.