I will photoshop 25 real estate photos and include video slideshow

Amazing work - I'll definitely use this seller again. Photos look so GREAT! Thank you.
Reviewed by justin493 20 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by alexisnyc44 24 days ago
Outstanding! Fast and thorough. Looked great! Looking forward to working together again soon!
Reviewed by thompson808 about 1 month ago
photoshop 25 real estate photos and include video slideshow
photoshop 25 real estate photos and include video slideshow
photoshop 25 real estate photos and include video slideshow

About This Gig

Ignore the imitators, you found the original and best! 

The very first, ORIGINAL package on fiverr to offer editing for 25 real estate images in Photoshop, along with a video slideshow in MP4 format.

We use advanced Photoshop techniques, not just basic, simple edits with Lightroom. In the case of most other sellers, basic Lightroom is all you get.  We are true professionals, not one of the many amateur copycats trolling for uninformed buyers. 

Our attention to detail and experience will help us exceed the quality of other sellers in this venue by orders of magnitude.  The quality of our work is 2nd to none. Check our examples and reviews, it's irrefutable. Our sole focus is creating beautiful images for your marketing needs.

We'll enhance your photos with the most advanced Photoshop techniques of anyone on fiverr. 

  • Including but not limited to:

    • white balance
    • cropping / resizing
    • straightening
    • lens correction
    • perspective correction
    • brightening
    • color accuracy, contrast, clarity, sharpening, color banding, noise reduction
    • sky replacement on up to 3 exterior images free
    • retouching / object removal
    • HDR brackets / manual blending (HDR GIG EXTRA REQUIRED) 
    • dodging and burning
    • flash based color correction

Order Details

25 Image Real Estate Edit

Edit 25 real estate photos and provide both JPG of individual pics AND mp4 video slideshow!

  • Commercial Use
3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't you include any free revisions?
    It is our belief, possessing a high degree of skill, we can offer the absolute best quality available from your source files. Any revisions would likely be based on your personal tastes rather than an objective standard of quality.
  • May I submit drone photos for this gig?
  • What file format do you deliver in?
    Standard is JPG, high resolution can be TIFF or JPG.
  • How do you count images for the HDR service?
    Each bracket of photos counts as 1 image.
  • Why should I choose you?
    We are here to stay, you can count on us when you need our services. They'll always be top notch and we even advise our customers on how to take better pictures and use advanced photography techniques, in the process saving you potential thousands per year in pro photography fees.
  • What about "special edit" gig extras, what's that all about? Do I need to add those when I order?
    No, never choose those options at the time of order. Those are in place so that we may offer to do extra retouching / editing that may require inordinate amounts of time. If we see a request that fits the criteria in your order we'll notify you with an offer to add that on to your package.
  • Can I have an example of something that may require one of the "special edit" gig extras?
    If the pictures are pretty good to begin with and you just want them to shine at their very best you likely needn't be concerned with it. If there are major problem and many requests to fix specific things then we'll offer the "special edit" extra that's appropriate to account for the extra time.