I will professionally edit and retouch 10 real estate photos

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by alina47 13 days ago
Looks much better!!!
Reviewed by mp1951 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kevinreddell 4 months ago
Extremely quick, responsive and knowledgeable. Thanks gr8deal_mi!
Reviewed by beachview2805 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by alina47 7 months ago
Extremely helpful and pictures looks great
Reviewed by alina47 7 months ago
Great photos! Thank you for enhancing them specifically like we asked. We will be back for more!
Reviewed by solkor007 8 months ago
Straight forward and professional! Great experience.
Reviewed by solkor007 9 months ago
gr8deal_mi was extremely helpful and offered advice on how to take better pictures. The quality of the work was matched only by the excellent customer service provided. Responses from seller were very timely. Will use again and recommend to anyone who needs real estate photos.
Reviewed by nirwin 9 months ago
professionally edit and retouch 10 real estate photos
professionally edit and retouch 10 real estate photos
professionally edit and retouch 10 real estate photos
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

Ignore the imitators, you've found the best!

Want to market your properties more effectively? That's where we come in. Local agents have us on speed dial for a reason. We are TRUE professionals, we are not one of the many amateur copycats trolling for uninformed buyers.

The first and ORIGINAL package offering 10 real estate images entirely edited in Photoshop and Lightroom _only_ for cataloging, in the case of most other sellers, basic Lightroom editing is all you get.  

Our attention to detail and experience allow us to exceed the quality of other sellers in this venue by orders of magnitude. We are second to none in the quality of our workCheck our examples and reviews, it's irrefutable

Editing including but not limited to:

  • white balance
  • cropping / resizing
  • straightening
  • lens correction
  • perspective correction
  • brightening
  • color accuracy, contrast, clarity, sharpening, color banding, noise reduction
  • sky replacement on up to 3 exterior images free
  • retouching / object removal
  • HDR brackets or flash & ambient blending (GIG EXTRA) 
  • dodging and burning

Order Details

3 days delivery

Premium Real Estate Photo Edit

Premium quality *ALWAYS*. Expedited service & revisions available as Gig Extras! JPG deliverable.

  • 10 Images
  • Commercial Use

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I submit drone photos for this gig?
    No, we have a separate gig for aerial images only. Please submit drone / aerial images under that gig. We will not process any drone / aerial images through our standard real estate gig. See our aerial gig at: https://www.fiverr.com/gr8deal_mi/photoshop-2-of-your-drone-photos-to-perfection
  • Why can't I submit drone or aerial images to this gig?
    Drone / aerial images using our specialized techniques require significantly more time per image than standard interior / exterior photos. To give your images the time they deserve to shine, we set the gig cost accordingly. Our incredible techniques make your drone images pop like never before.
  • What file format do you deliver in?
    Standard output is JPG up to 4k, above 4K gig extra will be charged for print quality file. TIFF format also available for an additional charge as a gig extra.
  • Why don't you include any free revisions?
    It is our belief, possessing a high degree of skill, we can offer the absolute best quality available from your source files. Any revisions would likely be based on your personal tastes rather than an objective standard of quality.
  • What are the "Special edit level #" extras for?
    If your project requires specialized editing, such as heavy retouching, these Gig Extras allow us to account for that time fairly and importantly maintaining the highest standard quality. 99% of orders are unlikely to need these but in the case we do, no need to rush the work compromising quality.
  • Why choose your team over "competitors"?
    There are MANY imitators but they are NOT competition, their quality is abysmal and some are THEIVES. Recently another user had copied our gig almost word for word and *stole* our pictures right from my gig to use as their portfolio images. Pathetic to say the least, you know who you are!
  • Why would someone copy their gig from you and steal your photos for their portfolio?
    Their communication skills in the English language are nearly non existent. It's just easier to copy the text from our gig. After all, we've been tremendously successful so why re-invent the wheel? As far as pictures go right click, save as, instant portfolio! And no work for them to do, perfect!