I will be the aussie voice your project needs

That was quick !!! Perfect job done Graham!!! All the best for your future.
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be the aussie voice your project needs
be the aussie voice your project needs
be the aussie voice your project needs
be the aussie voice your project needs

About This Gig

Displaced Australian,on the road for 30 years,voicing here,there and everywhere.I can be dinkum,or the chairman of the board Authentic,genuine and personable.I will present your message clearly and concisely,but please be precise in your order,clarify what you want,style,pace and pronunciation.if you don't and I get it wrong,repair will be another gig.

1 gig is 100 words.If you want long form,email and we'll work something out.

Scripts must be exact,I will read what I get,mistakes and all,as I am not to know if they are intended,then if you don't like what you get,it will mean another gig.

If you want me to correct mistakes or grammar you will need to purchase a gig extra,but in some cases I'll read a take two

Recording,mixing,editing & mastering for 30 years,I will ready your track for broadcast. Denoise,fatten,debreath,EQ,balance,delete unwanted sections,compress;remove hum,ambient noise or low end. Make it shorter,re-order it,make it mono,make it two channel,whatever it needs to be perfect. I will follow your instructions to the letter and send the audio back as you asked.

I will transcribe 1 minute of English audio for $5 

+$5 for each extra minute

Anything else,let me know

Order Details

2 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions