I will teach Photoshop within 3 hours through Teamviewer

teach Photoshop within 3 hours through Teamviewer

About This Gig

ill teach Photoshop through Teamviewer from basic to advance.

1. Document Setup ( change page size / width / height / Resolution / Color modes)
2. Photoshp important paletes and add / remove from window  
3. Open images
4. change image size
5. Tool Box and usage
6. Menu and option bars
7. Selection Tools
8. Drawing Tools
9. Basic Image Editing 
10. adjustment Brightness / levels / more..
11. Cropping
12. Resizing
13. Correcting
14. Layer Operations.
15. Navigation
16. Using filters

Be a Photoshop Profesional

My basic charge is $10 for 1 hour session
This lesson have 3 sessions 
you can order more sessions when you requird more training.
for more clarification please feel free to contact me.

I assure your to deliver you the best quality service..

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Photoshop Training

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